GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies is a management consultancy focused on the content industries. We help our clients, primarily media companies and digital media technology vendors, achieve growth through market intelligence and our expertise in business strategy and technology architecture.



How We Work:

We start by working with clients to finish the sentence: "I will be happy at the end of this engagement if ______."  Once the objectives and goals of the engagement have been established and agreed, we create a statement of work with schedules, milestones, and fees.  We pull in the people who have the right expertise for the project at hand -- principals only, no entry-level associates or overhead resources.

We usually work on a fixed-fee basis with fees tied to project milestones.  However, our work with early-stage companies can be on a monthly retainer basis at a level appropriate to the amount of work required.  We do this in recognition of the fast-changing market forces that entrepreneurial companies face, which can cause project goals to change or become irrelevant over time. 

In litigation consulting, we charge by the hour as is customary. 

About Bill Rosenblatt:

Bill Rosenblatt has 20 years of experience in technology business development, architecture, and marketing; publishing; new media; and online education. He has been a business development executive at a leading technology vendor, an IT executive at major publishing companies, and chief technology officer of a web startup.He has expertise in digital media technologies such as content management, digital rights management, streaming media, and publishing systems; and he has written, spoken, and been quoted in the press extensively on these and other subjects. Learn more about Bill Rosenblatt


  • "Bill Rosenblatt [is] one of the greatest living experts on DRM and many other Internet/media subjects."
    -- Fritz Attaway, EVP and Senior Policy Advisor, Motion Picture Association of America

  • “Bill was a very valuable expert contributor to an engagement conducted for a major IT and services provider. His expertise in technology and business strategy, and willingness to "pitch in" on the deliverables were key to the success of a large and complex project.”
    -- Steve Sieck, President, SKS Advisors

  • “Bill was instrumental in developing a restructuring plan for Consumer Reports - changing from a print-driven structure to one that let us do content development efficiently across all media. He brings a rare, very valuable combination of deep technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of content and publishing. And he's a pleasure to work with.” 
    -- Joel Gurin, Executive Vice President, Consumers Union

  • “When it comes to Digital Rights Management, Bill is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry by far. Bill delivers great results and is a valuable resource for strategic insights.”
    -- Ryan Hunter, Group Manager, Product Marketing, Adobe Systems

  • “Bill is a true subject matter expert on Digital Rights Management. He understands and explains the technical and business issues with equal authority.”
    -- Howie Singer, VP Technology, Warner Music Group

  • “Bill is an utmost expert on digital media issues. Very deep knowledge and a great skill at 'connecting the dots'. If you can get Bill to work with you consider yourself lucky!”
    -- Gerd Leonhard, CEO, Sonific

  • “Bill is a longtime industry professional who provided comprehensive and timely publishing systems market analysis for us. This helped us shortcut our preparations, broaden our search, and complete a highly successful project. We were very pleased with his work.”
    -- Michael Edson, VP Publishing Technology, Houghton Mifflin

  • "My colleague, Bill Rosenblatt, could be nicknamed (perhaps inelegantly) 'Mr. DRM.' He remains, as far as I know, the leading American expert on the topic, having dealt with it in his work at various publishers since 1994 ... Every publisher, indeed everyone in the larger electronic publishing sphere, needs to keep a close eye on this topic as it evolves, and Bill Rosenblatt is who I’d recommend you turn to first."
    -- Thad McIlroy, Consultant and Editor, The Future of Publishing

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